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Mabuhay from the Philippines! 🙂 So I started traveling a month ago and decided to start a blog, mainly for the fun of it, but also to learn something new. I am definitely not the most tech-savvy person and have not been into Social Media too much. The first thing that has definitely taken me by surprise is how much work this actually involves. After my first few breakdowns on WordPress, I am starting to enjoy it, though. 

So, considering my very limited level of experience, I feel very honored that my small blog just got nominated for a Liebster Award. I want to thank James Martyr, not only for nominating me, but also for his kind explanations about what that award actually is, what I have to do now he nominated me and just simply for “noticing” my blog.

James is a traveler and blogger from the UK and shares his adventures on his blog World Traveling Tales. Take a look at his blog or his Youtube videos. I guarantee you, you will book your next plane ticket, today. 🙂

About the Liebster Award:

The Liebster Award was created in 2011 to encourage bloggers to promote new and emerging blogs.

If you are nominated to receive this award and you accept you must write a post following the below rules:

  • Post about the award on your blog;
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog;
  • Answer their questions about yourself, feel free to add photos;
  • Nominate 5 – 10 people with less than 1000 followers, inform them via social media.
  • Write your own set of questions for your nominees.
  • Feel good about yourself for winning an award and passing it on.

My Answers to James’ Questions:

1. What made you decide to travel?

I remember wanting to wander off and live in Australia, when I was a kid. I have always loved to explore new countries, watched countless documentaries about travel, wildlife and foreign cultures. When I trained to become a physio, I already knew that the job would allow me to travel and I took the first opportunity to go work in South America. The cultural immersion is great, especially as my job allows me to interact very closely with people. Right now, I have decided to just travel for a while in order to be more flexible and move around a bit more, but I am definitely considering to look for a job abroad again.

2. Why did you decide to become a travel blogger?

I did not consciously decide to become a travel blogger. But when I was preparing my trip, I stumbled across many blogs and loved the idea of sharing your experience with fellow travelers. Many of the posts have helped me organize my trip so I just want to return the favour and help others, too.


3. Do you think travellers/backpackers have a duty to do their part for the environment?

I absolutely think so. We love travel, we want to see the world, so I think the least thing we can do is to try our best to preserve the world we love so much. I hope that future generations will be able to do the same thing we do right now.

4. How do you cope with being away from family/friends whilst traveling?

I am used to living abroad and stay in touch with my family and friends through social media. Of course, there are times when you want to be close to your loved ones. But I think our digital world is great to keep in touch and I feel that the people closest to me are with me everywhere I go.

5. What’s the most incredible thing you’ve done while travelling?

There are so many great things to experience that it is very hard to pick just one moment. I loved paragliding in Corsica and competing in pirogue competitions in French Guiana.

6. Is there anything you have seen or experienced whilst traveling that you haven’t liked?

Traveling can be hard at times, no questions. But I think what I don’t like is seeing people, animals (or anything really) being exploited for the sake of travelers. I hate to see beautiful places full of garbage or animals in enclosures being forced to entertain tourists.

7. What are your aspirations?

Right now, I want to travel as long as I can. I want to tell stories of people and places, try to get a feeling for how people live in other parts of the world. And at some point I want to find a job that will allow me to help make a difference, be it in people’s lives or in preserving our planet.


8. What places have you been to that you would recommend to someone that is just starting their travels?

It always depends on what you are looking for. I am in South East Asia right now, and I think it is a great start for newcomers, especially if you are on a budget. Life is cheap in this part of the world, almost everybody speaks english, there are many hostels to chose from and it is very easy to meet new people. So if you are looking for a travel buddy, you are sure to find one (or more) along the way 🙂

9. Is there anywhere that you don’t want to go? Why?

I can’t think of a country I would not want to visit but when I plan my trips I tend to stay away from the busiest tourist places. I don’t like the commercialized holiday towns too much and prices tend to be much higher than in the surrounding villages.

10. What do you think is best, solo travel or traveling with others?

I love both. I started out alone and met people straight away so that I have not been alone too much. I think it is a good thing to start on your own because you are free to go wherever  you want and you can change plans easily. But it is a great thing to share your adventures with others, so I think if you can combine the two options, you get a perfect mix.

11. What’s your next destination?

I am currently in Cambodia and will be heading to Vietnam on December 11.


My Nominees are…

Miles of Smiles is a website devoted to inspiring world travel and documenting happiness. It is written and photographed by Kelsey Madison. Kelsey hopes to spread positivity by showcasing different people she meets in her travels – getting to know the world one smile at a time. Along with spreading smiles, Kelsey writes about her travels, sharing guides and travel tips. She is currently teaching English in rural Northern Thailand, she travels around Thailand and SE Asia any day off!

Life Unedited: We are Ian & Steph a couple from England who did the cliche thing of quitting our jobs and booking one way flights to Sri Lanka. We’re spending the next year backpacking around Asia before heading to Australia or NZ with working holiday visas. We started our blog initially for family and friends but we’re hoping it can be useful to other travellers too. We are called ‘Life Unedited’ because we don’t edit out the bad parts of backpacking, we want people to see that not everything goes perfectly or to plan! We also don’t edit our photos, we don’t mind that other people do, but we think the world is beautiful enough without a filter.

Wanderful Weekendz: I am a regular girl next door with a regular job and an irregular penchant to travel. However, mine and my usual travel partner, my husband’s, irregular work schedules regularly play spoilsport with our travel plans. So, we adopted a cunningly simple work-around to beat the little devil at it’s own game: Weekend Trips. Instead of saving leaves and planning for that one big annual trip to a land far far away, we started using our weekends to visit or experience as many places within an overnight journey’s distance from where we live or work. While we do travel abroad at times for work or on holiday, living in a country as culturally and naturally diverse as India means that we never run out of places to visit over weekends near home. There is always something new, unusual and interesting to discover even in the most mundane of places. Through this blog, I intend to share our travel experiences and also connect with other like-minded travelers. Come, let’s see the world, one weekend at time.

Mr Kev’s Stupid Adventures is a blog about the travels of Kev Harrison, a British English language teacher who has lived in various countries over the past five years. In this time he’s travelled extensively in Europe and also to Asia. The blog brings his personal experiences of these travels, including food, culture and the people that make these locations, to life.


My questions to my nominees are:

What motivated you to start your blog and how long have you been blogging?

How/why did you pick your blog’s name?

If your blog had a playlist which songs would be on it?

What’s your favourite blog post (you have written or someone else has written)?

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Which country has surprised you positively?

Tell me about one of the best meals you have ever had and where you ate it?

What’s the most incredible thing you’ve done while travelling?

Name 3 items you cannot travel without (passport doesn’t count).

What’s your next destination?


Have fun with the questions. 🙂






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